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There is always misconception regarding Linux & Windows hosting. User do not require Linux knowledge or need to run Linux on home/office computer in order to use Linux Hosting. Although you develop the website under Windows platform, it is not necessary to host it on Windows Hosting, unless your website require Windows technology such as ASP/.NET or ColdFusion. If your website only using HTML or PHP language, Linux Hosting plan is the answer.

Linux Hosting
Windows Hosting
Coldfusion Hosting

Linux Logo
Windows Hosting
Coldfusion Logo
Control Panel cPanel HSphere HSphere
Unlimited Subdomain yes
Unlimited Email Address yes yes yes
Parked Domain & Addon Domain yes
POP IMAP Webmail yes
Web Statistic yes
Storage & Bandwidth Monitor yes yes yes
Web File Manager yes yes yes
Php 4 & 5 yes yes yes
Perl Cgi yes yes yes
Asp (3.0) & .NET (1.1, 2.0) Not Available Not Available
Cfm Cfmx Not Available Not Available yes
Flash Remoting Not Available yes yes
MySQL Database yes
MS SQL Database Not Available yes
PostgreSQL Database Not Available yes
MS Access Database Not Available yes
Cronjob Service Not Available Not Available
DSN/OBDC Not Available yes
SSI yes
XML Support yes yes

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